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t-shirt idea
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Mr Mead Presents
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Maidstone Film Society
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Hailing from the sunny streets of Medway I am a Multimedia graduate learning and exploring the world of web design and development. Having spent several years working as a data analyst I made the decision to reshape my career with a view to moving into more creative and fulfiling surroundings.

Since completing my degree I have spent time in a role maintaining web content and now work as a trainee developer.

The main technologies I have experience of using are (x)html, CSS, Javascript, SQL and Flash with Actionscript 3. Although my main interest is with front end technologies I am eager to learn whatever I can, with this in mind I have started to learn about Android app development.
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Link:Mr Mead Presents
Description:Site put together in Wordpress following design spec from Mr Mead Presents

Link:Maidstone Film Society
Description:Site designed and constructed

Link:F&S Interiors
Description:Site designed and constructed

Link:Fireman Rescue
Description:University project created with Flash & AS3

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